WHAT IS A HIV SELF-Check? The HIV self-test (or HST) obtainable in Melbourne is a finger prick blood test that provides you a outcome within 15 minutes. The benefit of the Aids self-test is you can perform it at home or elsewhere you are feeling comfortable which matches your privacy requirements.

The Aids personal-check consists of little cartridge that contains a papers check strip, a set of instructions, a bottle of check fluid (that is added in addition to a blood sample), as well as a removal handbag. The pack includes a card that contains a list of contacts in case you have questions or concerns about the test or perhaps your check result.


Aids personal-test packages work by detecting Aids antibodies, which the immune system generates between 2 weeks to three months after exposure to the computer virus. Because of this windowpane time period, ชุดตรวจ Hiv may not provide a conclusive outcome until up to 3 months after having a risk of visibility.

The HIV self-test that’s presently approved to use in Australia uses a little lancet a part of the kit to prick your finger. You then extract a tiny amount of bloodstream from your fingertip that goes into the package, before adding the test liquid supplied. Right after fifteen minutes, your result will be exhibited.

This description is general in nature, so make sure to follow the specific directions supplied with the package you have on hand.

Just How Much DO Aids SELF-TESTS COST?

In Thailand, Aids personal-check packages cost among 25 and 30 baht from a pharmacy, even though it may price some extra should you be purchasing online for postage charges.

In NSW, guys who hook-with men can obtain a Aids personal-test for free from the you[Check] service. With you[TEST], you will possess a virtual assessment with a peer professional to figure out your viability for the test before acquiring a package brought to you for no price! Besides being a totally free and convenient service, a distinctive feature of yourself[TEST] has been connected with a peer professional who can show you how to operate the kit and solution any queries you might have.


You can find Aids self-test packages available from a range of locations, such as at drug stores in-shop, this on the internet merchant and thru the you[TEST] service. Presently there are simply a limited number of pharmacies maintaining kits in stock, with dqknyg to come.

You can find a listing of in-shop pharmacies right here beneath the ‘Where can I buy this system in person?’ Frequently asked questions.

What Will Happen IF I GET A Good RESULT?

Whilst the HIV self-check is extremely precise, it really is still known as screening check, meaning your outcome must be verified by a blood test. Should you return a good result, seek from the doctor or intimate health medical center to obtain a stick to-up check.

In the event that your follow-up check also earnings an optimistic result, it is important you speak with your doctor about beginning HIV treatment and obtaining support. Living with Aids nowadays is very various, Aids treatments are far more efficient and the ones living with Aids can have long and satisfied lifestyles!

Still searching for additional information about HIV screening or thinking about acquiring a different form of check? Find out more about the numerous methods you can check here!

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